We envision a world where women and marginalized communities have the power to speak up to create impact and achieve just and equitable societies.


We work with marginalized groups and those who are closest to the issues to promote inclusiveness and remove barriers in public participation.

Our Priorities

To achieve the above vision and mission we’re focusing on our works on three pillars: Capacity Building, Storytelling, and Civic Engagement.


We work with civic leaders across Indonesia through a comprehensive training program to equip them with needed skills, resources, and networks to drive systemic change. We provide coaching and facilitate post training campaign support and alumni engagement.


We produce content to tell a compelling narrative to reach a wider audience from various backgrounds, including those who have been historically excluded to spur progress for all.


We mobilize people for collective action and positive changes. We engage with organizations, community leaders, inclusive institutions and decision makers to promote dialog and transformative policy changes.

Our Values

We are rising by lifting others
We are inclusive and equal
We are accountable and trust-worthy
We are innovative and relevant
We are focus and impact driven
We are fun and engaging

Our Approach

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