As a resident of Tangerang City, the issue of waste management in the city often becomes a concern for Nunu, the nickname of Nurul. Furthermore, she is worried about the Rawa Kucing Final Disposal Site (TPA), the city’s landfill, that has exceeded its capacity. When many residents did not care about the increasingly pressing issue, Nunu took a proactive step by joining PMI Tangerang City volunteers and the Environmental Agency in campaigning and conducting routine trash clean-up actions in Tangerang City.

Nunu has an educational background as a nurse and now works for a private company in Bekasi. In her campaign, Nunu wants to push for more systematic changes related to waste management, for example she wants to push for policies from the city government to ensure that industries that provide refillable household products to reduce plastic waste.

Support Nunu's Petition: Tihar Sopian, Sosialisasikan Pengelolaan Sampah 3R

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