Tata has been working on women’s empowerment issues with communities and non profit organizations in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). One of them is the impact of climate change on women farmers. The devastating Seroja Cyclone aftermath that she experienced has encouraged her to be involved in campaigns to advocate for diversification of livelihoods for women farmers, to ensure food and economic security amidst the challenges of climate change. Tata is also the founder of the Tenggara Youth Community, a community focusing on sexual and reproductive health for children and adolescents in NTT.

In addition, with her involvement in global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion Kupang, Tata actively supports campaigns through petitions, including regarding open burning of waste in the Kupang landfill and advocating for residents' rights to clean air.

Support Tata's Petition: Kembangkan dan Promosikan Pangan Lokal di NTT untuk tingkatkan ketahanan pangan warga

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