Every year, Rina and other Riau residents have to struggle with the exposure of the haze from forest and peatland fires. However, she did not stay silent. She has actively explored environmental issues since she was in college. Together with her nature lovers group - KPAEMC², Rina frequently participated in voicing environmental issues in order to increase the awareness of public and policy makers. Rina also assisted indigenous communities in two villages near the forest areas in Riau in managing customary forests and exploring the potential of the area.

As part of the Fire Prevention Team volunteers trained by the Greenpeace organization, Rina also collaborates with various local communities, including Mapala, Kabut Riau and Kalaulahari to campaign the preservation of peatlands without burning, for example through making documentary films, as well as campaigning for the prevention of forest and land fires both online or offline.

Support Rina's Petition: Zainal Kadiskes Riau, Tolong buatkan Ruang Bernafas untuk Korban Asap Karhutla di Riau

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